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Deals mainly with medicines, from manufacturing to sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients and medical supplies. Also engaged in biotechnology-related business, such as drug development support services, and sales of medical equipments.

●Core Companies
IWAKI & CO., LTD.  Iwaki Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

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Targeted at customers across Japan, we are engaged in the sales of over-the-counter drugs, functional food product materials, and cosmetic ingredients, as well as the mail/internet-order sales and OEM production of cosmetics.
We provide products and services developed by focusing on our customers' Beauty and Health.

●Core Companies

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This department manufactures and sells mainly surface finishing chemicals and other chemical products, by making full use of our domestic and overseas networks.

●Core Companies
Meltex Group

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IWAKI's Food Division focuses on the importance on "food safety" and "high quality" in the manufacturing and sales of food materials.
The department pays close attention to providing our customers with "safe and secure" products, such as yeast extracts produced by a major overseas manufacturer and meat extracts produced by our affiliate, Bohen-Kasei Co., Ltd.
Our supply sources are located not only in Japan but also in countries across the world, centering on Europe and the United States. We thus make every effort to ensure a stable supply. In our industry, the development of new products is important. Therefore, we have close cooperation with our domestic and overseas affiliates to respond to our customers' needs with care so that we can contribute even more to our customer companies.

●Core Companies
IWAKI & CO., LTD.  Bohen-Kasei Co., Ltd.

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Other than the above four business segments, our group is also engaged in the sales of veterinary drugs and ethical drugs.

●Core Companies
Hokuyaku Co., Ltd.  A・M・I Co., Ltd.

Affiliated Companies