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Medical & Fine Chemical Division Image

In this division, we manufacture and sale active pharmaceutical ingredients and medical supplies.

●Core Companies
IWAKI & CO., LTD.  Iwaki Seiyaku Co., Ltd.  Spera Pharma, Inc.

Health & Beauty Care Division Image

Deals mainly with medicines. Also engaged in biotechnology-related business, such as drug development support services, and sales of medical equipments.

●Core Companies
IWAKI & CO., LTD.  Iwaki Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

Chemical Products Image

Targeted at customers across Japan, we are engaged in the sales of over-the-counter drugs, food product materials, functional food product materials, and cosmetic ingredients, as well as the mail/internet-order sales and OEM production of cosmetics.
We provide products and services developed by focusing on our customers' beauty, health and food safety.

●Core Companies
IWAKI & CO., LTD. APROS Co., LTD. Bohen-Kasei Co., Ltd.

Food Products Image

This department manufactures and sells mainly surface finishing chemicals and other chemical products, by making full use of our domestic and overseas networks.

●Core Companies
Meltex Group

Affiliated Companies